O’s Walk It Off Against The Nationals

Little late night blog action coming at ya because that’s just how I roll after a game like this. My Orioles get the walk off win against the NL leading Nationals. I just flat out love this team. From top to bottom. From Seth Smith proving his worth every time he sneaks in the line up to old man JJ Hardy laying down clutch hits to weird ass Mark Trumbo finally flicking the stick when it matters. I EVEN love Ubaldo, thanks in part to his performance tonight. Only 5 hits and 2 walks despite 29 batters faced from him? 6 strike outs? Ya fuckin kiddin me? I’m choosing to blame Adam Lind’s 3 run home run on Buck, Ubaldo was indeed dealing but you gotta pull him at that point. Oh well. Let it sink in that Ubaldo Jimenez struck out Bryce Harper tonight. Just let it seep on in like a nice spicy Spanish marinade. 

There aren’t enough good things to say about a team that can get owned by Scherzer all night long (understandably) and still keep their heads in the game to rally in the 8th and 9th, and eventually deep into the 12th. Hard to not be overly excited that these guys could beat the projections yet again. When you’re beating teams like the Nationals with our rotation, your brain starts seeing pennants and trophies and you gotta slap yourself around a bit and remember its just May. Or maybe that’s just me. For now I’m just enjoying the show. 

PS: How bout Caleb Fuckin Joseph this series eh?

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